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repurposed steel

15' x 100' x 40'

Open Space Visitor Center, Albuquerque, NM

Flyway was commissioned by the City of Albuquerque as part of the state-wide arts program, Land/Art New Mexico. Flyway is an homage to the sandhill crane migration. It is designed on a true North-South axis to integrate visually with the sky, the East Mountains, and the Rio Grande Bosque.  Situated alongside heavily travelled Coors Boulevard, it engages drive-by viewers as well as visitors on foot. Steel beams salvaged from the Rio Grande’s outdated flood control structures (jetty jacks) create a set of six side-by-side arches; their collective and individual elements make allusions to the habitats, behaviors, and physical forms of sandhill cranes. Flyway has received international recognition and is a local favorite in Albuquerque’s vast public art collection.

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